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We collect the following personal data: 

1. BSN1, surname, and first name of child
2. BSN, name and initials parents/guardians
3. Address
4. Postal code
5. Town/city
6. Telephone number
7. Gender
8. Date and place of birth
9. Marital status
10. Parents’/carers’ education background
11. Legal documents
12. Start and end date of care
13. Income details
14. Insurance data
15. GP
16. Relevant health data (e.g. pedagogical and medical data).
17. Work addresses
18. Emergency addresses
19. School addresses
20. Various visual and audio materials

1 BSN stands for burgerservicenummer (Citizen Service Number) and is defined as regular personal data in the GDPR. In practice, the BSN can still be defined as special personal data depending on how it is processed, e.g. if health data are also processed with it.

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